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Student Learning

How do we teach students today?  A place to start is the online book by Educause: Educating the Net Generation (2005) .  The editors Diana G. Oblinger and James L. Oblinger explain that the differences they saw in their own kids and others:

“[It] all started to make more sense on Sundays. On Sunday nights we have the tradition of getting the family together for dinner…We learned about technology. …We heard about experiential learning. Each one of the kids has talked about wanting—and needing—hands-on experiences to learn. At first we thought it was due to all those hours with LEGOs when they were young. We now think it is something more significant…What we assumed was impatience is something they consider immediacy—responses are supposed to be fast. The list goes on and on.

More recent articles include:

A popular introduction to millenial students is Michael Wesch’s video, “A Vision of Students Today.”


A recent PEW Research Center report on millennials includes “how millennial are you?” Take the quiz and see how you rate!

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