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Programs for Academic Departments


DID YOU KNOW that the TennTLC helps departments?help

The Tennessee Teaching and Learning Center now offers departmental workshops, discussions, and other opportunities to help your faculty build community, design and implement new curriculum, and explore new approaches in teaching and learning.  Contact the to schedule or for more information.

Programmatic Assessment of Student Learning

Want to discover new and innovative ways to assess student learning? Would you like to learn how to use assessment data to improve courses and programs in your departments? This session can be with key leaders or faculty as a whole to explore how certain analytic tools (e.g., mapping, blueprints, and rubrics) can help update and change curriculum with intention and ease, while providing tips on how to use student data for continued programmatic development.


Do you have GTAs leading labs, facilitating discussion sessions, or acting as cirtlinstructors of record?  Do you want to develop a program that explicitly recognizes their investment in teaching related professional development?  This session is designed to introduce faculty to the resources available through UT CIRTL that can support their efforts to aid GTAs in improving undergraduate learning and add to their teaching-related professional development credentials.

UT Students Today: Generation Z on our campus

This sessionBy Lucélia Ribeiro offers a chance to discuss current UT student demographics and recent research into “Gen Z.”  How are students the same? How they changing and what are their goals?  How can we work best with students today in academic settings?


Challenging Conversations with Students

Consider, how do I respond to student inquiries about grades? How do I manage classroom incivility effectively? This session addresses various aspects of difficult faculty-student interactions and draws participants into discussion of research, implications, and strategies.  Led by 2016 Faculty Fellow Dr. Courtney Wright, Associate Professor, and School of Communication Studies.

Flipped Classrooms

Are your Read Derek Bruff's blog on mobile classroomsfaculty interested in a flipped classroom or in a modified flip?  Are several faculty trying out variations of these teaching strategies? This discussion with resource materials can help faculty identify the learning goals and align with departmental emphases.

Professional Development Through Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs)groups

How can you use departmental efforts to strengthen faculty’s grant work?  NSF, USDA and others include calls to increase student engagement and learning.  Start faculty on a grant project through creating a Faculty Learning Community (within a department or among departments).

FLCs can also be used to help your departments redesign curriculum, as they build community, provide learning opportunities, give faculty means to “try out” new approaches in teaching, and help faculty contribute and align to departmental changes.  Please contact us for more information on learning communities.


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