Large Lecture Opportunities and Challenges

By Guest Writer: Dr. Stanley Guffey Large and mega-large undergraduate classes are standards of the large research university educational landscape. In the United States, large university classes were initially created to accommodate the influx of students afforded college through the […]

Creating a New Kind of Learning Experience


Guest Writer: Karen Brinkley-Etzkorn Many of us on campus have been thinking about experiential learning during the last year. Did you know that Experience Learning is our new Quality Enhancement Plan? (If you’re also wondering what a QEP is – […]

Reflecting at the Start

By Guest Writer: Beth White The semester has ended. We’ve closed the book on another chapter and quietly breathed a sigh of relief. It’s over. Everything is graded and submitted successfully. It’s time to relax and maybe catch up on […]

Thank You Letter from a Student to a Professor

By Guest Writer: Bridgette Givand Dear Professor, Many believe there is a disconnect between college students and professors. I also believe that. In college, it is often difficult to establish a great student/professor relationship. However, I spoke with some of […]

Quick Course Revisions

By Guest Writer: Karen Brinkley Etzkorn Quickie Course Revisions It always amazes us here at the TennTLC just how fast the summer goes by! As the weather warms in the late spring, we begin thinking about everything we need to […]